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NEWS: Best Jazz Singer 2011 

(The Italian Jazz awards)


 .....Spata possesses a strong range and the confidence to avoid the obvious. Capable of rich lyrical invention, she lays claim to the philosophy that the voice is indeed an instrument. Her use of space and ability to let long notes breathe when they should, or use subtle dynamic inflections to lend them subtle power, gives the entire set an emotional resonance that's missing with so many of her peers, who often feel compelled to show off, rather than pay respect to the essence of the song.

She's a mature singer who possesses the same key characteristics that make an instrumentalist worth investigating.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

(All About Jazz John Kelman)

  ......Spata has a fine sense of style and articulation which come across potently and make this an accomplished recording.                                                                                         (All About Jazz Jerry D'Souza)

  .......She is a Sicilian singer, but there is no trace of an accent here, as she sings in idiomatic English. Spata has a pleasant alto voice, very clipped and pitch perfect, and she can scat with comfort and ease.

(Cadence Magazine)

 .......Spata, who has also worked with Kenny Wheeler, has developed a striking style which often incorporates scatting near the top of her range (while staying right on pitch and frequently joining McCaslin in unison), while she is equally enjoyable as a ballad interpreter.

 (Coda Ken Dryden)

 ......It's refreshing to note too that she doesn't try to copy anyone vocally....rather she prefers to take on the ethos of solid and srtong instrumentalists to make her artful statements. I must assert that this is a sudden materialization of a vocal artist that we must all reckon with now and in the future. She's here to stay!!

(George W Carroll)

.. .The subtle phrasing, dynamic range, technical prowess and deep sense of artistry is abundant on this work by Spata.

Then she takes on her solo and I am drawn to listen intently to see just how far she is going to take this. I find out that the sky is the limit. She trills, and shrieks her notes with a control I have never heard come from a vocalist in any genre. Tight runs, with blinding speed and surgical control. It is mesmerizing and fun! If I were seeing this for the first time live, I still wouldn't believe my ears. (www.jazzreview.com Chuck Vecoli) ..."Carlos" is a spiky, funky, tune with a stunning wordless vocal. Clark and Israel are the key figures, laying down a solid groove over which Spata swoops and flies, her voice telling a story even without a lyric. At the midway point she moves from a light-hearted scat to an extraordinarily tense and piercing wail and then a jagged staccato phrase—close, perhaps, to the territory usually inhabited by Norma Winstone or Julie Tippetts. It's an imaginative, bravura, performance. Spata is a vocalist who can swing, scat or sing a ballad with style and enthusiasm. What gives her a fascinating edge is her willingness to explore a type of jazz tune that doesn't usually come into the vision of jazz singers, and to do so with great success. (All About Jazz Bruce Lindsay)

Singer, composer, voice teacher

Cinzia Spata  email:cinziaspata@yahoo.com

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